A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Simon Christopher

You are occupied with the worship of this self

The mind sees itself everywhere it looks and cannot see beyond itself. We call it the subjective nature of the mind – an inescapable dynamic of the separate self-identity or ‘ego’ if you prefer. This mind believes it thinks, believes it knows, that it can understand the world, ideas and concepts, finding satisfaction in its ability to comprehend. Yet how fearful this constant activity of mind is of the Eternal, for it cannot comprehend It. This mind is singularly unqualified to comprehend the simple and absolute truth. Everything it knows is false and consequently that must and does include itself. This self believes in itself, its thoughts, its ideas, its loves, its perspectives and opinions and preferences. It struggles constantly to make sense of what its perceptions convey to the mind, including what you are reading here. Yet it knows nothing. It knows zero, de nada. It is very afraid of its own nothingness. Yet it is nothing, it has no meaning and if you try to find it you will see there is nothing there – it has no existence and cannot be found. This is your dilemma. Your nothingness, and that includes the perceptual apparatus and the conceptual mechanism of the evolved intellectual mind has no reality, yet it is your religion; you are occupied with the worship of this self.

See now how enormous the challenge seems to be for is it not entirely unacceptable to you that the all-encompassing idea you have about yourself is simply not true?! The nothingness of God is also unacceptable; nothing about this awakening is acceptable. You are offended by it and prefer to continue to ruminate conceptually within the limited conditionality of your own inherently judgmental mindscape. You need a miracle – but don’t make the mistake of believing you know what a miracle is. It’s never what you think! How liberating! The miracle does nothing simply because nothing needs to be done. It takes away all your busy, busy, endless doingness of self.

God knows Himself and your great learning cannot touch Him or can add or take away from His knowledge by ‘one jot or tittle.’ Lay down the activity of this self that knows nothing and learn an entirely different way. Your own understanding is entirely redundant and has absolutely nothing to say in the awareness of your own Perfection of mind in God. Knowing proceeds from being without predetermination or exchange or anything to justify itself. It’s completely impossible yet entirely already your present state. It takes no time, no time in which to have a thought about it in which it can be observed, objectified. It’s too fast for the pedestrian nature of conceptual mind because it is alive in the living waters of the eternal present. The absolute nothingness of self is the beginning point where the memory of God will emerge without the obstacle of your own learning and without effort.

We give thanks to our Perfect Creative Source and say ‘Amen ’ !!