A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Simon Christopher

What is Christ?

The question itself is inherently fraught with contradiction to be, for all practical purposes, an oxymoron; virtually self-contradictory. Christ is not a description but ‘the Ruler of the Universe’, the Self that is so far beyond the subject/object nature of human thinking to be completely non-understandable in terms that are a part of that same mode of thinking.

There is a fundamental necessity to understand the true nature of mind, to go beyond the little self, to be so transformed in the light and reality of God’s Love and the Glory of His Thought that understanding itself answers the question. Christ has no uncertainty about Its own nature, no question, no real objective relationship with people and things that are but images made upon the screen of a projection, “that was over and gone a long time ago”.

It’s important to accept that my attempt to answer the question cannot not be an attempt to bring the mind into a more direct association with itself in relation to the Eternal. That’s all you ever do as a teacher of God, that is the imperative! Only you can answer this kind of question and only your awareness of the Christ you are can teach you about your Self.

Therefore the answer must lie in the denial of the question itself. You cannot say what is Christ without denial, for It cannot be described or explained. The questioner is denying the Christ, yet must know about the Christ otherwise the question would not arise. It must be experienced because that is what you are and the mind that seeks can be taught how to deny the denial and accept instead it’s own Eternal reality whose unlimited power and glory is the light of Heaven itself.

When you see everything it is not and learn to deny it, then you find the answer. But so long as you seek an answer that requires a gap or distance, conceptually, or objectively, apart from yourself, your mind, then you will not know Christ. There is no Christ apart from you.  As long as this understanding lies beyond this moment, this eternal holy instant, somewhere not now, you will not know. Yet Christ is here, plain as day and so purely simple that you cannot not know. When you want to know, you will, for you will have become so completely willing to be transformed into Him that nothing in the universe can keep Him from you, or you from Him. God makes this possible!

Perhaps it would be better to ask, “what is it that does not know Christ”, for the joyful answer is also the most unacceptable to the insincere seeker; it is nothing!
Learn to deny that which does not know, then you will know that which you already are. It takes no effort to be yourself, it requires that you do nothing, but doing nothing is the end of seeking, the end of the self-constructed identity that has nothing to do with your Self as God created you. Peace be to you!

To forgive completely one brother seen as apart and separate from yourself, and to look beyond the body, beyond the past, beyond all images of guilt and death, the dreams of sickness and health, beyond attraction or repulsion, beyond all your ideas that arise within your mind as you look upon your brother and see the light that shines within his mind; pure and holy, deathless, wholly loving, without ‘sin’, without limit, then you will begin to know your Self; and this Self is Christ, the Holy One. You will love Him and He will attract you like nothing in the world can; He will take you Home.

Accept “the gift of life that your forgiveness offers to your Self. The sight of Christ is all there is to see. The song of Christ is all there is to hear. The hand of Christ is all there is to hold. There is no journey but to walk with Him.” Amen!