A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Simon Christopher

A Decision that goes against everything that came before

Salvation is a promise, made by God, that you would find your way to Him at last. It cannot but be kept. It guarantees that time will have an end, and all the thoughts that have been born in time will end as well.

This is the work of the individual, to set the course of their endeavours, to turn their mind to God, to make the effort for a decision that goes against everything that came before. To love Jesus and his Word, is to turn away from human thinking, to leave the punitive world of guilt behind and to realize that for this Course to fulfill its promise, it must be accepted in its entirety. This is progress! Progress dictates one understands there is one purpose and one purpose only for the body, and for the self that lives a little life; the Healing of the Son of God. The only purpose this world contains if you would evolve beyond mere intellectual interest in the Truth.

This holy purpose, the healing of the mind of God’s Son, leads directly beyond the superficial to the realization that for awakening to occur it must be seen that this world has no sane or meaningful basis for existence, and when examined, when you truly look for it and try to find it, you cannot. It is not there to be seen or believed, except in imaginings. Yet what makes it seem to be so real is only the judgmental nature of learned perception, ignorance, the nature of human thinking, that denies the reality of the self as Son of God. Forgiveness serves a mighty function indeed!

My Kingdom is not of this world because it is in you.

The journey we undertake with Jesus, into the sparkling beauty of a single, timeless instant, teaches an intensely personal and individual lesson in identity. The lesson can be stated this way; you need do nothing because perfect, eternal love has created you in purity and holiness like Itself. What a miracle! What could not be healed when you have found your way back to the Cause of all healing!?

We are alone in nothing, all of Heaven lends itself to the fulfilment of the Atonement, everything needed is provided. And it is my absolute joy to be a part of your awakening in the certain understanding that it is my own.

This is a very simple course. Perhaps you do not feel you need a course which, in the end, teaches that only reality is true. But do you believe it? When you perceive the real world, you will recognize that you did not believe it. Yet the swiftness with which your new and only real perception will be translated into knowledge will leave you but an instant to realize that this alone is true. And then everything you made will be forgotten; the good and the bad, the false and the true. For as Heaven and earth become one, even the real world will vanish from your sight. The end of the world is not its destruction, but its translation into Heaven. The reinterpretation of the world is the transfer of all perception to knowledge.