A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Simon Christopher

To take our place upon the ‘throne of righteousness’

Indeed the body holds a memory of everything that has ‘happened’ in the past, it is itself a memory of the past. It’s like a repository, a library of time, which has to be cleared of all the unforgivenesses. How is that brought about? It is brought about through a reversal of the action of mind, that is the conceptual mind. A great reversal of the thinking of separation comes on, whether in a moment of revelation, in being reborn, or in the disciplined practice of the daily need to bring the mind to the Truth. It is actually the acceptance of the fact that I am the dreamer of the dream and everything that has ever occurred has been at my request. I have wanted it, I have asked for it.

No matter what the form of the injustice or attack. Forgiveness occurs in just the same amount as the ability to accept this all-embracing idea! That the mind is cause and nowhere else is there a cause for all the contradictions of the body-world dream, unto death, of course! Finding yourself at cause is also finding yourself in the seat of power as a co-creator with the Cause of the universe. This is the objection to this course, this is the one wholly unacceptable premise which must be rejected. Otherwise the world, and all the people that seem to come and go, to suffer, grow old and die, would disappear! They have already disappeared, but while you maintain any memory within the library, any grievance, any conflict, then you have not accepted this single absolute answer to your call for help! If I am doing this to myself, who is to blame? And if there is no one to blame, not even God, where is the problem, the grievance, the reason and cause of suffering? If the cause of this projection is a decision, at a point that we can call ‘the point of causation’, this place, this decision-making, terrifying and insidious in its effects, is the place to which we must go.

To embark upon this pilgrimage where no-one knows the way, and no-one understands the need, and no-one would have you ‘abandon’ them in their dream of death, down to this hidden place within the dark canyons of the body/mind must we descend. To find what only I as a complete individual must find in the single-minded and solitary draw of Truth beyond the veil. No-one can do this for you, it is the loneliness of the return to power, no group, no guru, only the true companionship of Spirit. And to find myself at cause is to see the universe whirling in the void, to see the world spin into faint lights in the night. It is to place the Son upon the seat where he fell asleep so long ago, yet no time has passed. To walk with Jesus out of this world, is to take this journey, to find the point within the mind where no forgiveness is possible, to take our place upon the ‘throne of righteousness’, where power has been restored to the one that it was made for; the Prodigal Son, to whom his Father has given everything that He has and Is.

Where is the need for forgiveness now, when power has been restored to its rightful place, and the Son to his? For Love has returned to Love to be Itself in all its glory and unimaginable wealth of giving. That is what I am, and just a glimpse has been given us to see, enough to lead us on, no-one can imagine how much is given, until the mind is made ready for the fullness of Self which lights up Heaven, yet too soon, would destroy. There is no end, there is no conclusion, there is only the incredible, moment-to-moment discovery of glory and Truth, that no-one can grasp here, yet it begs to be known, for you must know your Self. Amen!