A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Simon Christopher

The Universal Need of the Individual

We are discovering the universal need of the individual to undergo a revolutionary process of healing and forgiveness; of awakening, that will remove the cause of separation, suffering and sickness, and that will restore to awareness the truly miraculous nature of mind in Christ. A need each human being, as a separate body identity, is required to undergo to find the way out of hell and back Home to the Peace of God and the Truth and the Light of Reality.

Only the time you take it is voluntary‘ is the line in the Introduction in which the inevitability of this transformative journey is declared. There is no real choice, no choice at all! That’s the call of the Eternal to hear the message now! The dreamer of a dream will and did finally wake up from the sleep. And you can hear it now, it takes no time to learn this course. It is so completely simple that you could literally leap into Heaven in an instant if it wasn’t for the manner in which you have overlearnt to use the mind.
The remedy for this strange situation is the Workbook; the undoing of the observer that sees all things through the judgmental perceptions of their own past learning. And the revealing of the Self that knows no separation, only the unbroken unity, the oneness with God and Creation.

This extraordinary Course, this program of enlightenment we have received from Jesus, is really only ever leading you into the moment of realization of what has always been and what is always here. In this holy instant of bright awakening there is no transformation, no process of becoming, no journey, no awakening. Yes indeed the understanding that nothing other than this experience of the reality of mind as perfect, whole, changeless and everlasting in holiness and truth so deep and so far beyond all little human thoughts, could ever have been true. It never was and it is not true now. We share now, in the eternal present, an unbroken communication; a communion in Christ, the universal, singular mind of the Son in which all the effects of the false separation are forgotten and undone. The memory of this reality is ours to share, to know and in which we ascend to the Father. It is time now, there is no other time.

This is a great adventure and there is much to be done!