A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Tim Christopher

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What is Christ?

The question itself is inherently fraught with contradiction to be, for all practical purposes, an oxymoron; virtually self-contradictory. Christ is not a description but ‘the Ruler of the Universe’, the Self that is so far beyond the subject/object nature of human thinking to be completely non-understandable in terms that are a part of that same… (read more)

The Universal Need of the Individual

We are discovering the universal need of the individual to undergo a revolutionary process of healing and forgiveness; of awakening, that will remove the cause of separation, suffering and sickness, and that will restore to awareness the truly miraculous nature of mind in Christ. A need each human being, as a separate body identity, is… (read more)

Your Atonement Curriculum

It’s important to remember that this Course comes to you directly from out of time, through Jesus Christ as your Atonement curriculum to lead you back Home to the Father.  The Course itself may be offensive, objectionable or completely unacceptable. It says that God knows nothing about a world of separation, fear, chaos, loss, suffering… (read more)

Escape from Concepts

It can truly be said that forgiveness is the escape from concepts, and the discovery of the absolute simplicity of this Course is a great (un-)learning accomplishment. It is the result of the power of a decision for Heaven and the Peace of God in a consistency of effort and determination. No-one who understands the… (read more)

The Vision of Perfection

We come together under the auspices of the Holy Spirit and the Grace of the Atonement for the ‘great reversal’ of our thinking and for the ‘undoing of what never was’.  And in the holy place made free of all meaningless ideas, He will come and reveal to you the Self as God created you…. (read more)

Welcome Him Not into a Manger….

Welcome Him not into a manger, but into the eternal sanctity of Now. Christmas greetings as we celebrate the birth of Christ, born in you in your forgiveness of your self.  His power is yours to heal, to bless and to remit the dream of sin. Each miracle you learn to give is given back… (read more)

Communion of miracles

You are a communicator. Whatever the momentary glitches were (always past), they are simply remnants of the attempt to break communication. A grievance is the idea that you can stop the communicative action of your mind. That’s impossible, which simply means you are attempting to communicate the denial of what you are forever. Also impossible…. (read more)

Mind in communication

The holy sweetness of mind in communication is an on-going, ever-changing, continuously refreshing, moment-by-moment contact with the light energy of the Singular Self that I Am. The Creator I Am and the Son I Am.  ‘I Am that I Am’. It is and has to be a constant renewal, each day, hour and minute to… (read more)