A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Simon Christopher

Our journey of enlightenment with Jesus in A Course in Miracles

What have we discovered in our journey of enlightenment with Jesus in A Course in Miracles?

That this is a dream and that mind is asleep that dreams a life apart from Truth. The dream and the dreamer are both false ideas in an evolved consciousness designed to enslave the mind to time, sickness, murder, chaos and death: suffering without end.

Yet how can the eternal die, the limitess be contained and love be replaced by the forms of fear and hate? Clearly that would be impossible, yet that is the condition in which you find yourself as a human being; in an impossible situation.

We are being taught that the mind that thinks does indeed have choice. This power of choice is in fact the only power possible in this fiction of space and time called life.

A path of escape has been established, it has been enacted and the door is open to a new reality of identity beyond the body and beyond all littleness.

The deluded perceptual mind of a human being is not a static, isolated entity, cast out upon a cruel sea in the darkness. The light has entered and a transition is occurring here and now as you accept the part you took in making up the world of dreams and mad careers. We learn to laugh again as the responsibility for sight is accepted and recognized as without limit.

There is a problem, yes, it is the denial of God that I maintain through judgement and attack, exchange and guilt. That projection makes perception must be learnt and understood in order for you to undergo the great reversal of perception to the realization that you are now and have always been free to click your heels and go home. You are perfect as God created you and nothing can change your eternal, changeless state.

Only this is salvation and this is an experience that cannot be denied when once it comes. And as forgiveness becomes the way in which you live this hour upon the stage, the truth will return and find its home in you. You are the way the truth and the life because this is your world and you must awaken to be its saviour, along with Him, and along with me.

When the enormity of the mistake is seen, and the limitless power of the miracle is recognized as in your hands to bring release, you will not delay the inevitable. It is time. The hour is coming but it is now that you can join with your brothers to bring about the ending of the suffering that was the result of denying reality. Love is all around us, and God calls unceasingly to let His Will be done, not on earth but in you.

Then join with me and let us unite in the happy lessons of salvation given to us from out of time, by our friend and brother, our saviour and teacher, the resurrected man, Jesus Christ.

Your brother in truth,