A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Simon Christopher

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“Let us join together for our message is light.”

  "You will cross the bridge into reality simply because you will recognize that God is on the other side, and nothing at all is here.”  T-16.V.17 It takes great learning to realize and to accept, that this world which seems to offer so much in fact offers absolutely nothing at all. But who could expect... (read more)

Let Me Perceive Forgiveness As It Is

  Lesson 249 - "Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss." - Suffering is the underlying, fundamental human experience which we could define as the loss, or sacrifice of, the knowledge of being and its indivisible oneness with its Source and every aspect of that living oneness. This state of ignorance has replaced the state of... (read more)

The given Answer to this transient world

  You are the given Answer to this transient world of constant change, existential despair and futility. No-one could find perfect peace and happiness here, in time, because this world was made to be a place where you can come to seek but never find that treasure your yearning heart is seeking for. The reality... (read more)

I want the Peace of God

  Is peace really possible in this world? Certainly not while you believe that anything happening to you is caused by factors outside yourself. You will never escape from a dream if the cause of that dream is beyond you. The whole lesson of the miracle is that there is nothing beyond your self -... (read more)