A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Simon Christopher

July 4

Celebrating your awakening with the Master Teacher


Your awakening from the sleep of ego mind, the fearful condition of false separation and the dream of continuing cycles of birth and death is a certainty contained in the Atonement principle given by God as the answer to that “..tiny, mad idea..” which seemed to be the beginning of time-space, and the descent into the dark sleep of exile from the paradise of your heavenly home.

The Master Jesus has demonstrated the overcoming of death, giving hope to you who now can learn to both accept and share that accomplishment in you, of the resurrection to eternal life. This Course in Miracles is a very real means for the escape from time and the awakening to your own eternal reality in Christ as the light of this world.

More contemporaneously, Master Teacher has demonstrated, to those who had the good fortune to find him and enjoyed his association, the abundance and grace of the power of light that is given to those who lay aside the conceptual identity of the false self, and can accept the singularity of the message of Jesus Christ now.

Many have misunderstood him, many continue to misunderstand him and judge him. Some thought he was attacking them or others, and many were afraid of the transmission of the perfection of mind that was his gift to his students. Yet since his awakening on the 4th of July, 1979, he gave his life completely and singularly to the service of Jesus and the great message of this Course in Miracles: – “There is no death because the Son of God is like his Father. Nothing you can do can change Eternal Love.”

He offered only healing and the illumination of mind in Christ and called you to join him and save time for yourself in the inevitable discovery that there is no world and that you are now as you have always been, whole and perfect in the Mind of God. This is dispelling the ignorance of man and the world which is the singular cause of suffering and by the light of this enlightened self-realization the world is saved along with you. And we can say “Amen!” to that!


My home awaits me. I will hasten there.

 If I so choose, I can depart this world entirely. It is not death which makes this possible, but it is change of mind about the purpose of the world. If I believe it has a value as I see it now, so will it still remain for me. But if I see no value in the world as I behold it, nothing that I want to keep as mine or search for as a goal, it will depart from me. For I have not sought for illusions to replace the truth.

Father, my home awaits my glad return. Your Arms are open and I hear Your Voice. What need have I to linger in a place of vain desires and of shattered dreams, when Heaven can so easily be mine?

(L 226)