A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Simon Christopher

The imperative for awakening

The imperative for awakening lies in the realization that the perceptual certainty of space/time and the world of bodies is a catastrophic loss of the awareness of Truth; an unlimited re-enactment, moment by moment in the continuous production of disaster and suffering of all kinds. Yet at any one of these given moments the entire mind that denies, disassociates, and projects its fearful mortal out-play of existence can be instantly transformed, awakened, illumined and released. It takes no time at all to remember the true nature of mind and the restoration of all power and glory to the living Son of God; your Self.

Awakening begins when an individual suffers the terrible joy of discovering the unlimited nature of mind in denial, and as cause of the whole dream sequence that draws a veil before the face of God. While it may seem absurd to maintain that Eternal Life is snuffed out in death, there is no doubt that it appears to be non-existent, absent, slain, and that death is the eternal condition with suffering everywhere. This Course in Miracles is an extraordinary, divine lesson in forgiveness whose purpose is to overcome death in all its forms and to reassert the Light of Eternal Life in your awareness.

Your determination to see and apply this Course to your wakening mind will change you. You will still be you, only a beautifully new and different you. You are now taking those first outrageous steps, boldly daring to go where everyone must go, yet the whole world will seem to call to you to ‘stay and die some more’. Whose voice will you listen to? Would you turn back when we go to meet our Resurrected Self who waits, outside of time, upon the one decision available to us within the dream scenario; to decide for God. To join our holy will with His. To want only that ‘I Am’ by giving only that ‘I have’; to ‘Be ye therefore Perfect even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect‘.

This message is the complete and absolute opposite of everything this world believes, and everything you have taught yourself and believe you understand. Do not underestimate the investment in illusions you have made as a human being and the value of your ideas, your beliefs and perceptions. Ego has the life you have given it and your perception of this world as fundamentally existent depends on them!

You are now being called out of this world, in a great rebirth, in a re-investment of yourself in the Truth. To dedicate yourself above all things to reunite in joyful purpose, to demonstrate the end of all the little separate thoughts and spaces that seemed to keep your self apart from self. And become the willing means to bring the message of miracles and union to all the world, because brother, through your forgiveness of yourself you have learnt to love again within a world of hate.

Let this message of forgiveness and joy be repeated until it is accepted and understood, and experience has come to show that ‘Truth is true and nothing else is true.’ And now the Light has come indeed to show the way by which remembrance of our Father’s Love will come to lighten every mind that wandered in the dark a little while.

Thank you for the power of your decision for Truth and for your unlimited determination to accept the Atonement for yourself. My gratitude and love for you is without limit.

God Bless Us Each and Every One.

Tim Christopher