A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Simon Christopher

Communion of miracles

You are a communicator. Whatever the momentary glitches were (always past), they are simply remnants of the attempt to break communication. A grievance is the idea that you can stop the communicative action of your mind. That’s impossible, which simply means you are attempting to communicate the denial of what you are forever. Also impossible. But it can seem very real and obviously painful. That’s why ‘every hour I need you, Father‘ is our prayer. Let me make no decisions by myself, they are only judgments made in the loneliness of self-delusion. Very gratefully I can always choose again and He will undo all the consequences of my faulty decision-making.

The practice of the Workbook is simply to come into the continuous act of making no decisions by myself. No decisions that are based on a false past reference. Jesus promises that all decisions become as easy and as right as breathing when you decide with the Holy Spirit. In fact you need not decide because the decision has already been made for you without your need to try and figure out what is in your own or anyone’s best interest. You don’t know. You don’t need to know.

I have been carrying you with me in my heart. My love for you is your offer of salvation to me. Complete forgiveness is a pure act of blessing, it’s a creative extension of Self. It has nothing to do with the conceptual mind. It is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual only because it involves the entirety of your energetic association of Self. It includes everything and uses everything as aspects of communication.

We are leaving this world of vain illusions. There is nothing here, I promise you that. See it as nothing and you see that you give up nothing. And giving up nothing cannot be a difficult accomplishment.

I am in communication. The gap has disappeared. There was never any space or time that could come between the Joy of recognizing the singular Self we Love. I am right here with you. And from this spot at the end of time we have the privilege of calling our brothers to join us in a moment of release, of forgiveness, of atonement. The garden of perfection is where He lays a feast before us and we invite all who are sent to us to share in the communion of miracles. Amen!