A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

– with Tim Christopher


Transformative encounters with the resurrected mind of Christ through the spiritual masterpiece of A Course in Miracles. These events are forums for your inevitable rebirth into the Eternal through the joyful self-realization of the forgiving mind. They are express opportunities to enter into the dynamic realization of the holy instant and the true meaning of the miracle.

Come and let yourself be healed and together we will celebrate your awakening to the Eternal Reality of Love that is all around us and all there has ever been.

Truth can only be experienced. It cannot be described and it cannot be explained. I can make you aware of the conditions of truth, but the experience is of God. Together we can meet its conditions, but truth will dawn upon you of itself.

 You are as God created you. There is nothing else to learn, nothing else to know, and nothing else that has any value. For in this one idea is everyone set free along with you.


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    Holy Spirit's Universe of Learning

    10:00 June 17 - 16:00 June 25

    Retreat at La Finca de Milagros, Camí Abiar Alta, 03725 Teulada, Spain


    acim retreat with tim

    La Finca de Milagros is a sanctuary for the retreat experience; the joyful re-discovery of the singularity of resurrected mind and your illumination in Christ. It is a unique forum to focus on the curriculum of individual atonement and the mind-training of A Course in Miracles.

    “The Holy Spirit’s teaching takes only one direction and has
      only one goal. His direction is freedom and His goal is God.”

    The Holy Spirit seems ephemeral, abstract and elusive, a quiet whisper lost within the constant noise of chaos, yet all learning lies within your relationship with Him. Understanding this relationship is essential if you would hear and accept His ‘universe of learning’, that ‘all things be revealed unto you’.

    We come together under His auspices, to lay down our ‘ancient overlearning’ and the conditioned, objectivity of human thinking and open the door to His Universal Inspiration. True forgiveness, inspired by His love, offers a new perception, a new kind of thinking and a new identity in which we are renewed in truth and our joy is made complete.

    "If you would be a happy learner, you must give everything you have learned to the Holy Spirit, to be unlearned for you. And then begin to learn the joyous lessons that come quickly on the firm foundation that truth is true...  Nothing else matters, nothing else is real, and everything beside it is not there."

    INFO FLYER - PDF (English)

    INFO FLYER – JPG (English)

    For more info contact Holly - 0798 883 1332 .. or you can also use the 'Contact' form on this site for enquiries and bookings via email.


    El Universo de Aprendizaje del Espíritu Santo

    Retiro del 17 al 25 de junio en La Finca de Milagros, Benitachell, Espagne

    “Las enseñanzas del Espíritu Santo apuntan en una sola dirección y
    tienen un solo objetivo. Su dirección es la libertad y Su objetivo es Dios.”

    INFO VOLANTES – PDF (Español)

    INFO VOLANTES – JPG (Español)

    Para los hispanohablantes por favor contacte Rafa – (+34) 615 947 520